Herbarium specimen (image below)
Herbarium specimen

Plants are essential to the ecosystems in Arkansas because they provide all the energy. They can get energy directly from sunlight. They use a process called photosynthesis to use energy from the sun to grow and reproduce. Just as the habitats in our state are very diverse, so are the plants that live there.

As part of ANHC's work to protect and track rare plants, Indian grassour botanists maintain a herbarium collection of dried plants mounted, labeled, and systematically arranged for use in scientific study. They have also worked to edit the new publication the "Atlas of Vascular Plants of Arkansas" which documents nearly 3,000 native Arkansas plants. When time permits, our botanists are available for programs and plants walks at certain natural areas.

Many plants we regularly see are not native or do not live here without some help from humans. In some cases, the non-native or invasive plants are actually out-competing and reducing the native plant populations. Find out more in the Native Gardening section.