Data Requests

The Arkansas Heritage Program biodiversity database maintains information on the location and status of species of conservation concern in Arkansas. This includes species listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The information is made available to outside users through the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission's Environmental Review/Information Sharing Program. County level information is available through the Rare Species Search Engine, but site specific location information is only available through the Environmental Review/Information Sharing Program.

Two options for project review are offered:

1. A project may be handled as an “information request.” If handled under this option, a two week review period will be assigned to the project. A detailed database search will be conducted and a response prepared. The response will include the results of the data search, as well as a county element list that has been annotated to indicate those sensitive species known to occur within a one and five mile radius of the project site. The requestor will receive a response from the agency whether the agency has particular concerns or not. There is a charge for this service (see fee schedule below). Users will receive an invoice with the project response. This option provides a detailed project review, a two-week “turn-around” time (very large projects may take longer), and a definitive response.

Data user   For staff time Per-record charge 
Agencies of government, 501(c)(3)-qualified not-for-profit organizations, and students engaged in completing their assignments No-charges for the first two hours of any project; thereafter, $30.00/hour or fraction of an hour No charge for the first 20 records; thereafter, $1.50/record
All other organizations, offices, and individuals $30.00/hour or fraction of an hour $1.50/record
Notwithstanding the schedule of fees detailed above, the Director of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (ANHC) is authorized to enter into fixed-price contracts to provide services that go beyond retrieval of data already on hand. In such cases the fee will be determined through negotiation. The Director of the ANHC is authorized also to negotiate agreements to supply data/information in exchange for data/information. When requested, ANHC staff will provide an estimate of cost prior to initiating research services. Prepayment is not required; invoices normally are sent with the data for which the charge is made.

2. A project may be submitted to the agency as an “opportunity for review.” If handled under this option, a 3-4 week review period will be assigned to the project. If the agency has no concerns about the proposal, project papers will be filed without comments. The agency will make no response to the requestor unless it has specific concerns. If desired, the requestor may contact the agency to find out the disposition of the project. As evidence that the review has been conducted, the requestor will be given the “ANHC Number” for the project. This is a unique identifying number assigned by the agency to each project it handles. A project handled as an “opportunity to review” is typically given a lower priority than an information request, time frames are likely to be much longer, and the responsibility to verify that a review has been conducted falls solely upon the requestor. There is no charge for this option.

Requestors should clearly identify in their correspondence which review option they prefer.
Requests may be made by standard mail, e-mail, or fax. To handle reviews and requests efficiently, we prefer to receive a map depicting the project area boundaries delineated on a copy of a 1:24,000 topographic map or an GIS shapefile of the project area (this speeds up the data search). If this is not available, we will need to receive at least the township, range, and section (1/4 section if possible) of the review site or latitude and longitude coordinates. Because our data is stored on topographic maps, street addresses are much more difficult to search, which could add to overall costs for information requests or time for reviews. Send requests to the following address:

Cindy Osborne
Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
1100 North St.
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-324-9762
Fax: 501-324-9618

Reviews for cultural resources (historic structures or archeological sites) are handled by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program another agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage. Requests for cultural reviews should be submitted separately to that agency.