Arkansas Natural Heritage

Our Mission is to preserve natural diversity, to promote choice among beneficial uses of the environment, and to promote a balance between development and environmental protection in the State of Arkansas for this and succeeding generations.

About Us

Baker Prairie Natural Area

Since 1973, the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (ANHC) has been working to conserve Arkansas’s natural landscape. ANHC’s professional staff conducts on-the-ground field surveys to locate and evaluate occurrences of natural communities and rare, threatened, and endangered species. Research findings and results are often published in scientific journals and presented at national, regional and state forums. This information is organized, analyzed, managed, and housed in the Arkansas Heritage Program biodiversity database. These field surveys and research projects have provided a wealth of information on more than 900 rare species that can be used to evaluate the relative imperilment of native species and shared for environmental planning purposes. We provide data to organizations and individuals involved with Arkansas conservation efforts, economic development, scientific research and education.

ANHC’s public outreach efforts strive to make information on biodiversity interesting, easy to find, and easy to understand. Educational programming is often offered to teachers and students to address state and national science standards using Arkansas-specific information. Our goal is to provide an introduction to the natural treasures that are the heritage of every citizen in Arkansas.

To fulfill these responsibilities, ANHC employs a professional staff dedicated to protecting our state’s natural diversity.