American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Environmental Review

ARRA_LogoThe Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission’s (ANHC) biodiversity database provides information critical to the environmental review and information sharing process. The biodiversity database maintains records on the location and status of rare, threatened, and endangered species as well as natural communities. ANHC Rules and Regulations (A.C.A. §15-20-302) state that “The Commission shares inventory information with all who need it for educational purposes, for research, and for planning economic development, in accordance with the policy of the State of Arkansas, to strike a proper balance among population growth, economic development, environmental preservation, and ecological diversity."

These data are provided to project planners to minimize the impact of development on Arkansas’s rare, threatened, and endangered species, and sensitive ecosystems. By responding to information requests quickly and early in the planning process, ANHC staff help project planners comply with environmental regulations and save time and money by discovering potential impacts before development has begun. This often increases voluntary changes that reduce or eliminate any negative impact to these sites.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has initiated action for projects throughout Arkansas. The ANHC is considered the best source for information related to rare species and natural communities in Arkansas and will provide information as quickly as possible to meet federal guidelines for project planners. Requests for data will be subject to the ANHC's established fee schedule.

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